The first flute

The ´old´ Flute is originaly a silver Yamaha-411 II 925.
All the right-hand keys have been moved to the left,  but it is still possible to play them with the right hand for the case this hand can move better in the future.
For the righthand a handle is made that can be moved in two directions.  It is possible to place this handle straight attached it to the table,  so the flute could be played without the right hand at all.
The weight of the flute,  normally about 400 gram, is now doubled to 800 gram.
The mouthpiece is bended in an U-shape,  which makes it easier for the right hand to hold the instrument,  and gives the player the opportunity to have the two hands and the mouth in a straight line,  which appeared to be very important.


The summer of 2000 the flute has undergone one more change to make it stronger,  and also more sure in the Dis and Es.

In the first part of March 2003 Maarten Visser has made another improvement,  now to prevent the U-bent mouthpiece to fall down due to the pressure of the mouth.

It has become a fantastic instrument,  and you have to be very good to be able to play it.