Mayer Edit

Mayer Edit

Edit van der Burg-Mayer was born as Mayer Edit on augustus 4th 1972 in Cegléd in Hungary.

At the age of nine she started playing her first instrument. One year she played the recorder, one half year the piccolo and then she started to play the flute. Her teacher was Zalavölgyi Cecília.  After the 7th grade, at the age of 13, one year earlier than normally possible, she went to the lower Conservatory of Music in Szeged, thanks to a good admission-exam. She came in a special class for young talents. In the morning they had normal schoolsubjects, and in the afternoon the received music lessons (solfege, choir and flute).  Then, one year later she went to the Conservatory of Music in Szeged where she studied with the Hungarian flute musician: Lass Zoltán.  She became one of the best,  maybe the best of her class.

And then came april 14th 1989,  everything ended in one terrible blow on the head. Edit got her first brainsurgery by Dr Vajda János and Dr Lekka Norbert,  she was 2 weeks in coma!  The promissing young flute-player was not able anymore to walk, to sit,  to eate,  to speak nor to play the flute!  She was paralized on one side.  After a few weeks a fellow student came to visit her in the hospital and asked her to do This or that . . . .   Edit just cried,  she could not do anything at all.

From that moment on she became better little by little.  She learned again how to talk,  to walk and to eat,  and january 8th 1990 she had her second brainsurgery by the same specialists.

Eight month’s of hard work followed at home,  then she finished her schoolterms in Szeged, without flute,  that was terrible . . . .  In September 1991 she went to the music-school in Kecskemét and finished her school with the flute as far as possible that is.  Her teacher:  the Hungarian flute musician Dratsay Ákos gave her the opportunity for this.

Edit learned English with Bori Martina, she learned to sing again and sang a few times in Vox Europae (a european choir) where Theo was singing too! And almost every day she did gymnastic excercises to improve the right side of the body, especially the foot and the hand.