– Maarten Visser, De Fluitstudio Specialist in individual adjustments on windwoodinstruments

– De Muziekotheek Help for disabled musicians at individual adjustments on instruments

– David Nabb Onehand Saxophoneprofessor in Nebraska (USA); the initiator of the International Forum

– International Forum International Forum on Adaptive Musical Instruments for Persons with Disabilities

– All The Way Music All The Way Music company for artists with a handicap

– E-mail The Emailaddress of Edit

Count Rebsomen– From an old Hungarian flutist we got the story and picture of Count Rebsomen who also played a onehand flute in the age of Napoleon. This was however a complete different type of flute, with in only holes for the fingers. This was for him expanded with keys for the lefthand-part. This flute still exists and is to be found in the collection of Peter Spohr in Frankfurt am Main.