20th National Dutch Flutecontest 2003

It is not possible, but yet she does it!

Edit van der Burg-Mayer wins Gold On Saturday April 5th Edit van der Burg-Mayer won the first prize in the 20th National Flute contest in the category C (17-33 years old).

The finals of this contest for non-professional flute-players from Belgium and the Netherlands were Conservatory of Music in Tilburg. “It is not possible to reach this high level on a one-hand flute” is the opinion of many flute-experts, but yet Edit does it! For a moment she was getting the nerves, when the announcer said just before Edit started, that the young composer Marlijn Helder of her first piece ´Waarom?´ (`Why?`) was in the audience. But she played this piece, and also the `Hungarian Fantasy` of A.F. Doppler with so much feeling and warmth, such a beautiful tone and fabulous finger-technique that the jury gave her the first prize. Edit was accompanied in the second piece by Edzo Bos from Groningen, who won earlier this year first prize on the Northern (Dutch) edition of Princes Christina Concourse. Marlijn Helder herself was very pleased with Edit, and the way she played ´Waarom?´

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