Edit vd Burg


Edit van der Burg-Mayer

NewYear 1995-1996 she met Theo at her sisters house, and in april 1996 she came for the first time for the first time to visit Theo in Uithuizermeeden. On august 14th 1996 she went to live with Theo and february 26th & march 1st 1997 Edit and Theo got married. In that same year she got her drivers licence (in Dutch!). In 1998 Edit and Theo came, through Jannette Wijk, in contact with Maarten Visser and his Flutestudio in Amsterdam. He invented, designed and realized for her a flute that can be played with one hand. And on augustus 2nd 1999 Edit’s dream came really true: She can play flute again on this unique one-hand flute. In oktober 2000 Edit got a son, Theodor, who caused also her left wrist to be overused. Another problem that was. But also this problem she solved, and she is playing happily again. And since her 2nd place on the National Flutecontest in 2002 and a first place a year later she is extra inspirered to reach more. This year june (2006) she met David Nabb from Nebraska, who is playing the saxophone with one hand. He interviewd her and this interview appeared april 2007 in the American flutemagazine THE FLUTIST QUERTERLY.